What I Learned in Nutrition – Water

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday. Here is another post all about what I’ve been learning in my nutrition class! I’ve been really enjoying this course so far. I can’t believe there are only four weeks left of the semester. I’m going to be taking one summer class (Accounting, bleh!) and in the fall I’m going to be taking Chemistry. Eeek! But I am excited for the challenge, since I always thought Chem was interesting in High School. In case you missed my previous Nutrition Science Posts, you can catch up here:

Nutrition Science

Now, time for Water!!!

Water is an essential nutrient. Even though it doesn’t provide us with energy, it does help with the with the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and aids in other body functions such as digestion.

Water is the most abundant substance in the body. Our Bodies are made up of 60% water. Muscles actually contain more water than fat. You can get most of your daily water intake from beverages, while some comes from foods you eat.

  • Water is a universal solvent and a transport medium, meaning, it dissolves substances and transports substances throughout the body.
  • Water helps maintain body temperature by evaporative cooling. Sweating cools the body by evaporating off the skin.
  • Water is a lubricant and a protective cushion. It lubricates joints and also food (by saliva) and helps cushion organs in the body.

When you lose too much water from your body you can become dehydrated. This can result from not drinking enough fluids and/or conditions like vomiting or diarrhea. Ways to tell you are dehydrated:

  • Dry mouth/thirst
  • Dark urine color. Dark urine means you may not be drinking enough water.

Consuming too much water can cause a condition called hyponatremia. This is when there is too little sodium in the blood caused by overhydration.

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Daily Needs

  • Women need to ingest 9 cups of water day, through food and beverage (6-8 glasses of water)
  • Men need to ingest 13 cups of water a day, through food and beverage (6-8 glasses of water)

The Six Mile Run That Wasn't

Morning everyone. It’s finally Thursday! Hurray! I was not in the mood to blog last night so I will update you all this morning on what has been going on!

Yesterday I had oats for breakfast, but I was too lazy to take a picture of them. I think I mixed in a mashed banana and some oat bran with some dark chocolate dreams peanut butter. It is such a tasty combo! Yum

Anyway, at work for snack I tried yet another kind of greek yogurt. Stonyfield Organic Oikos 0% fat! Opinion: not better than Chobani. Pros: only 90 calories a cup; cons: smaller serving size. It was okay, since there was no Chobani to be found in the store.

Lunch was a standard PBJ. Or should I say ABJ…I used almond butter instead of peanut butter! So yummy. The jam I used was my Aunt’s strawberry rhubarb jam.  😀

Pretty boring, but tasty. I also had some fruit to go alone with it, as well as a Nature Valley granola bar.

So after work I had a six mile tempo run planned, according to my training schedule. I was planning on going to Chris’ to run the first three miles and then meet up with him for the last three. I ended up running 3.65 in about 35? minutes (I forgot to upload my Garmin info) and I felt really good! Instead of running two laps around the park, I ran down past my old college and around the Pine Hills neighborhood where I used to live. It was kind of an eerie feeling to be running around that neighborhood, where I lived for so long. I think of that time as my past life…where I made so many unhealthy choices about food and not exercising at all. I can’t believe I used to live like that! Needless to say it was bit weird to run by my old apartment. I actually felt really good about myself and how much I’ve changed for the better.

So I met up with Chris to run the last three miles..and about a half mile into that, I started to feel goosebumpy. It was so weird because it was SO hot and humid out, probably about 85 degrees or more. I couldn’t explain why and neither could Chris..so we kept running and I took a couple of walking breaks. After a mile, I started feeling like it was hard to breathe, like I couldn’t get enough air in…and I started freaking out! This has never happened to me on a run before! I can’t really explain what happened! It was so weird. So we ended up cutting our run short and went for a walk around the park so I could cool down.  So I counted five miles in 53 minutes on my Garmin, which isn’t too bad considering I walked the last quarter mile. But I can’t help but feeling like I’ve let myself down, especially if I don’t complete the miles I want to that day. I have to keep telling myself that no matter what I do, it is good enough! I know that in reality it is. It’s just hard sometimes to keep telling myself that.

Anyway, I searched Runner’s World for some information on getting goosebumps while running, and I found this article, that almost explains it. I know for a fact I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, so that might have been a contributing factor. So Chris also gave me some advice and said I should drink more water as soon as I get up in the morning, because your body needs hydration ASAP after sleeping.

So after all of that, I went home and made a quesadilla for dinner. I got some vegetarian refried beans at the store other day so I could make some! I used a high fiber tortilla, filled it with refried beans, corn and cheese and grilled it on the stove. It came out really good, but a little bit messy! I also topped it with some of my favorite peach mango salsa. It was so satisfying!

So I followed Chris’ advice about the water I drank a couple of glasses this morning before eating breakfast. It not only helps keep me hydrated, but I actually feel more full after eating my breakfast! It was great. I suppose it helps to drink before I eat, rather than after.

Breakfast was another scrambled egg wrap with peach mango salsa. Here’s the photo from last time since it looked pretty much the same. Except I used goat cheese instead of shredded.

Sooo good. I love these. I will be making more of them on the mornings when I have enough time like I did this morning. 🙂

So now I’m actually still full from breakfast! Can you believe it? I think it was the water I drank. Awesome!