2016 Troy Turkey Trot 10K

It’s somewhat of a tradition for my friends and I to run the Troy Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning.



You may have noticed I haven’t been running much lately! I’ve had a reoccurring hip issue for the past few months. I took the entire month of October off from running and skipped two half marathons I was signed up for, hoping that it would get better. On Halloween I ran for the first time in a month, with short runs here and there after that, nothing over four miles. I had thought my hip was healed!

At about mile 5 of the Turkey Trot, my hip started aching (not enough to stop mid-race, however). I managed to finish the race at about a 10:18 average pace per mile, which is okay considering I haven’t been running regularly.


After the race we stopped for some coffee and breakfast, which was fun. I’m so thankful for all my running friends and for the running community, and I miss our group runs and races. I’ve started doing some hip and glute strengthening exercises in hopes of healing my hip for good, so with some more time off from running, I’m hoping it heals so I can start a training plan for a goal race in the spring.


Troy Turkey Trot 10K


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a great day today. I started out my thanksgiving this morning with the Turkey Trot in Troy! It was my third time running this race but the first time doing the 10K.


I didn’t really want to leave my apartment this morning to go running in 20mph winds and 23 degrees…but I’ve ran in worse so I had no excuse.


Christine and I shivering before the race for started.

I did a 2.3 mile warm up before the race to stay warm so once I got running it wasn’t too bad.

My only goal for the 10K was to finish under an hour. I kept a steady 9:20 pace for most of the race but couldn’t seem to go any faster. The course is an out and back that goes to north Troy along the river which I thought was nicer than the 5K. We also went over the Green Island bridge which was kind of cool! Reminded me of my usual running route when I was living in Troy.


The wind got pretty brutal during the last mile and I just wanted to be done! 10K completed in 58:52.


This was also the first race shorter than a half marathon where we got medals! Kind of cool!

Now some pictures from today’s thanksgiving feast!