Winter Mountain Biking with No Snow

Luther Forest was one of the first places I ever went mountain biking with Jordan. (Technically, the first place I went mountain biking was at Winterbike in Vermont! But there was a lot of snow on the ground for that, so it’s a lot different.) Yesterday, we decided to go to Luther Forest to get in some riding before the snow hits and I can’t ride anymore. It was a bit chilly, but after riding for a bit we got warm.


It still feels weird without snow, but it was kind of nice to not have to worry about it.

We only went out for about an hour. Still good to be outdoors, though!


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Mountain Biking at Luther Forest

So Jordan is really into mountain biking and he even has a fat bike! The other night I joined him and his friend on a ride after work at Luther Forest in Malta. There are some nice trails here! They are single track and friendly to newbies like myself.


{These photos are from early May, notice the lack of leaves on the trees!}



I am borrowing a friend’s old mountain bike (a Specialized) to see if I actually enjoy mountain biking.


Its official: we are running out of room in our tiny apartment because bikes are taking over.

Anyway, I really liked riding the trails at Luther Forest! There is one loop that was really nice and easy, which was great for a beginner like myself.  But there were also some steep hills and obstacles to ride over. The hardest part about mountain biking for me isn’t physical, but mental. Its hard to get over the fact that your bike will roll over obstacles and not crash into them! I still have a problem with big downhills because I’m afraid of going too fast and crashing or falling down a ravine.


Overall it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go mountain biking again!