Snowshoeing at Five Rivers

Yesterday Christine and I went for a short snowshoe adventure at Five Rivers. We only had about 45 minutes of daylight to work with, but we did have a special bonus–the full moon!

We even saw some deer munching on something under the snow. I didn’t get any pictures of them because they wouldn’t have come out, but it was pretty neat.











We probably wandered around about a mile on the trails. It was fun!

Trail Running at Five Rivers

I’ve said it a million times on this blog, but I really do love trail running.


As you can see, last night I went out for my first run since May 26. My foot was feeling great. I applied some Topricin to my heel before I left, made sure to stretch well, and drove with my friend Loretta to Five Rivers for the Albany Running Exchange’s Trail Run that they host every Thursday night at a different location.

Last night was at one of my all time favorite places to run, Five Rivers!


Last night was the first night in what seemed like forever where it wasn’t a billion degrees with 100% humidity. There was a nice breeze and the sun was going down. Perfect!

We ran a 2.5 mile loop through the park.


My favorite part is that we get to run through fields and past ponds and streams. I love it.



{thanks Loretta for taking pictures with your phone for me! I just slightly edited them on instagram…!}

Running again felt great too. My legs felt super fresh. I ran the whole 2.5 mile loop. I can’t remember the last time they felt that great. My plan is to ease back into running, doing the trail run with the ARE once a week, and then slowly add running back into my routing a few times a week.

My foot felt a tiny bit sore after the run, but after icing, stretching and sleeping in my night splint last night, its fine today. I can tell if I want to continue running that I need to be pro-active and keep up with my stretching and not be lazy when it comes to icing my foot every night because it really helps.


First Trail Run of the Season!

Its almost summer! Every summer the Albany Running Exchange has a summer trail run series where they have a group run on a local trail once a week. I finally joined ARE for the small fee of $10 a year, mostly because I really wanted to partake in these runs.

I really love running on trails. Its such a great feeling to be out there running with nature! And who can complain when you can see these views?



Over 100 people showed up the run the trails at Five Rivers, a local Environmental Education center with tons of fields, trails, and streams. Its also full of wildlife.


Running through Five Rivers was awesome. My mom and grandma used to take me here as a kid to walk through the woods and then check out the education center and see the owl who lived there! I think the center was closed tonight so I didn’t get to see if the old owl was still there! Running through these trails brought back lots of memories. 🙂


I ran with my running buddy/blend Melissa and also ran into my friend from work Jesse.


One loop of the run was about 3.5 miles! My garmin ended up at 3.39! Since it was a trail we ran a bit slower than normal, and finished the one loop in about 37 minutes. Despite fatigued legs from Body Pump this morning, I felt great!


Trail running is awesome! I finally found a way to do it more often! I will most likely be back to run with the ARE!