Paddling in the ADK

My parents have taken up paddling. They recently got a nice red canoe.  It’s awesome. Last Friday they asked me to join them on a paddling adventure up in the Adirondacks. Of course I said yes! Their canoe is pretty big and can fit three people, so I sat up in front. We put in at Ticonderoga’s Bicentennial Park and paddled down the La Chute river to Lake Champlain.








It was the most perfect day to be out on the water. Thankfully my parents have a friend who knows where all the good spots are and could show us how to get around! It was a lot of fun to spend quality time with them. We stopped for lunch by the Ticonderoga Ferry and then  estimated that we paddled about 8 miles total.


Mountain Biking at Grafton Lakes State Park

Grafton Lakes State Park in Grafton, 30 minutes outside of Troy, is my new favorite place for outdoor fun.


There are a few small lakes, each with trails that run around them for hiking and mountain biking.



Some of the trails start out easy and get really hard–lots of large rocks! It was almost impossible for me to ride through some sections, but it was a good workout and most of the trails have great views of the lake. It’s so serene!



On Monday Jordan and I met my parents there. The just got a new canoe, so we took it out for a short test paddle. So fun!


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Weekend in the Adirondacks – Part I

This past weekend Chris and I went on a mini Adirondack Vacation! We left Friday afternoon and stayed at Garnet Hill Lodge until Sunday.

Located near Thirteenth Lake in North River, the lodge was only about 1 hour and 40 minutes North of Albany. It was really nice to get away! The lodge is a bed & breakfast, so the rate included breakfast each morning. There is a restaurant and pub located right in the lodge, too, so we got dinner there too, but it’s not included in the price.

The view from our room was amazing, it was so relaxing there.

After settling in on Friday evening, we headed right downstairs to get dinner. We chose to eat at the Pub (you had the option to get dinner at the main restaurant also), but we wanted to sit near the windows to get the nice view! (FYI: I’ll do a separate post on the food!)

The atmosphere was so laid back and relaxed and the staff was so friendly and accommodating! After dinner we ordered some drinks at the bar and headed out to relax in the chairs they had on the front lawn.

After the sun went down they started a campfire in the firepit and brought out marshmallows and sticks for the guests to roast. It was pretty sweet!

Saturday morning we got breakfast and then headed out to the grounds to do some hiking. There are tons of trails all around the lodge, most of which are meant for cross country skiing in the winter. However, in the summertime guests can rent mountain bikes and use the trails for biking and even trail running. There were a few easy hikes around that had some moderate inclines, too. Chris and I hiked to the William Blake Pond, the Hooper Mine and up to the Balm of Gilead Mountain, which had a nice view!

The hike was tiring! I guess my body just isn’t used to climbing! Anyway, it was nice to be able to return to the lodge after our hike and just relax!

We ate dinner at the lodge on Saturday night and just spent the evening sitting out on our balcony and reading. It was quite nice.

Sunday morning we got breakfast and then checked out of our room. Thankfully they let us go down to the lake and rent a canoe before we left! We waited for the weather to clear up (Saturday looked like a storm would hit any minute) so we saved the lake for Sunday morning.

It was so beautiful! We had such a great weekend up here…I would love to go back! Stay tuned–tomorrow I’ll post Part II about the food at the lodge.

Note: Garnet Hill didn’t pay me to write about our stay-we paid to stay here and this is just my honest opinion about it–I just wanted to share it since it was so nice!