Mountain Biking in Klondike Bluffs, Moab, Utah

Our last full day of the trip was an action-packed one. Jordan and I were on the fence about renting mountain bikes during the trip, but decided to go for it on the last day. We were in Moab, after all, where some of the best and most famous mountain biking trails are located. Our hotel was also right across from the best bike rental shop in Moab, Poison Spider. The night before we picked out and got fit for our bikes. I chose an Ibis Mojo HD3, an extremely high end, 27.5 wheel size, carbon fiber, full suspension mountain bike. We asked our friends who had come to Moab previously on a mountain biking trip where the best place to go would be. They recommended Klondike Bluffs, just outside of Moab. The guys at Poison Spider installed a suction-cup bike rack on our rental vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee, while we picked out the bikes.  We brought them home for the night so we could get up early and hit the trails the next morning. We parked at the North trail head off of 191 since the South Entrance was closed. The trail names are dinosaur themed because dinosaur footprints can be seen on the trail. Crazy! Here is a great description of the trails.


It was unlike any mountain biking I’ve ever done! It was so different out here because it was so wide open! I’m so used to riding through the woods, afraid of hitting trees, I actually enjoyed riding these open trails much more.






Riding the Ibis Mojo was amazing. I can see why it is such an expensive bike. I felt comfortable on it and it rolled over every rock effortlessly!


Can you spot the jack rabbit?



I was worried it would be hard to find the trail, but they were marked very well.








Green Lizard Guy

We stuck to mostly beginner/intermediate trails and rode 11.3 miles total in about 1 hr, 45 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.04.39 AM

We were so glad we decided to rent bikes. We got out early (around 7:30) to beat the heat. It started to get hot fast, and by the time we were done it was in the high 80s.

For lunch we went to the Quesadilla Mobilla, a food truck in Moab serving what else–quesadillas! They were delicious! We liked them so much that Jordan and I ate lunch here two days in a row. Yum! When can we move to Moab?

The Southern Belle – Shredded beef with cheddar/jack cheese, sautéed corn, sautéed onions and roasted sweet potatoes



Mountain Biking at Grafton Lakes State Park

Grafton Lakes State Park in Grafton, 30 minutes outside of Troy, is my new favorite place for outdoor fun.


There are a few small lakes, each with trails that run around them for hiking and mountain biking.



Some of the trails start out easy and get really hard–lots of large rocks! It was almost impossible for me to ride through some sections, but it was a good workout and most of the trails have great views of the lake. It’s so serene!



On Monday Jordan and I met my parents there. The just got a new canoe, so we took it out for a short test paddle. So fun!


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An 80 Degree Day in March

Last week we had a rare, warm, summer-like day. It is the beginning of March so it is a bit weird for this area, but I won’t complain. Jordan and I took advantage since it was my spring break week and I had the afternoon off. We went to Luther Forest to go mountain biking.






We covered about 8 miles in a few hours. It was a great. Every time I ride here I try something new. This time I rode over the bridges and a few big drops that usually freak me out.



Mountain Biking at Pittsfield State Forest

Riding a mountain bike, in the snow, without fat tires up a mountain is not easy. That’s what I did on Sunday…for fun. Well, the second half was fun. I went with Jordan and our friends to Pittsfield State Forest, just over the border. I knew we would be riding up hill but I didn’t expect there to be so many switchbacks! The trail went up for what seemed like forever..but it was just over two miles.


Nothing like riding up a large hill (mountain?) to make you feel completely out of shape.


We got to the top and took the same trail back down. It was a lot more fun than I thought–usually I freak out on downhill portions, but I decided to just stay on my bike and see what happened. I only crashed twice.


It really wasn’t so bad!


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Winter Mountain Biking with No Snow

Luther Forest was one of the first places I ever went mountain biking with Jordan. (Technically, the first place I went mountain biking was at Winterbike in Vermont! But there was a lot of snow on the ground for that, so it’s a lot different.) Yesterday, we decided to go to Luther Forest to get in some riding before the snow hits and I can’t ride anymore. It was a bit chilly, but after riding for a bit we got warm.


It still feels weird without snow, but it was kind of nice to not have to worry about it.

We only went out for about an hour. Still good to be outdoors, though!


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