Paddling in the ADK

My parents have taken up paddling. They recently got a nice red canoe.  It’s awesome. Last Friday they asked me to join them on a paddling adventure up in the Adirondacks. Of course I said yes! Their canoe is pretty big and can fit three people, so I sat up in front. We put in at Ticonderoga’s Bicentennial Park and paddled down the La Chute river to Lake Champlain.








It was the most perfect day to be out on the water. Thankfully my parents have a friend who knows where all the good spots are and could show us how to get around! It was a lot of fun to spend quality time with them. We stopped for lunch by the Ticonderoga Ferry and then  estimated that we paddled about 8 miles total.

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  1. Wow! Cool! I’ve never even heard of a red canoe that can fit 3 people! And with your parents too! I love the pics. Thanks for sharing. Do you only canoe in the Aronidacks?

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