Thacher Park Running Festival 10K

Hey, guess what! I still run sometimes! And Sunday I ran  10K! The Albany Running Exchange held their second annual Thacher Park Trail Running Festival on Sunday. You may recall that I ran the 10K last year as well! Well, the weather was much nicer this year and the course was a little bit different. The race started at Horseshoe II Pavilion. There was a 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon and 50K, each of which started at 8:30AM. I got there with maybe 10 minutes to spare and chatted with Christine who was running the half, while we waited for the race to begin.


Race start-it was a small field!


I felt a little tired during the first 3 miles or so, but after running for a while I felt better. The pink tape on course meant it was the 10K loop.


There’s a nice view about halfway at the Hanglider Lookout–always a bonus.


And also again at the end going back toward the finish line.



Distance 10K
Time 1:11:53 (faster than last year!)
Average Pace 11:17/mile

Next year I’d like to run the half!

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