A Second Chance

As some of you may remember, back in May I had one of the worst dining experiences ever. Despite having some of the most amazing food, the service at Jose Malones Irish Mexican Restaurant in Troy was terrible and some of the worst service I’ve ever had.

Last night I decided to give it a second chance.

My blends Katie, Alicia, Melissa and Emily and I decided on Jose Malone’s after hearing the wait for DeFazio’s Pizza was going to be an hour and a half long. I figured service couldn’t be that bad on a week night, right?

We got there and waited a few minutes for someone to seat us. After waiting about five minutes for the server, she came over and took our drink orders of water. And they actually had glasses this time!

Shortly after she took our appetizer and meal order. And after about 10 minutes of waiting our appetizer came out. We ordered the pineapple and goat cheese quesadilla. It was huge! There were four slices of it which was perfect since there was four of us (Melissa came a bit later and actually ordered this for her meal, yum!)

It was the most amazing appetizer, ever. The pineapple added a sweetness and the goat cheese added a savory and there was a little of spice, too. It was perfect!

It didn’t take long for our food to come out. For my meal I wanted to try the vegetarian tamales but they were all out (boo), so I went with the same thing I got last time: the sweet potato, spinach and goat cheese enchiladas. Last time I ordered them the server asked me what sauce I wanted, but this time she didn’t. It ended up coming out with red sauce, when I really wanted mole sauce.  They were still delicious, but I really liked the ones with mole sauce better.

The portions here are huge. I only ate about a quarter of the rice and beans, but devoured the enchiladas. Delicious and extremely filling.

It was really nice to eat and chat with the girls, though. I love hanging out with them!

Overall, the service last night was way better than the last time, but still wasn’t amazing. The food however, was great. And I think that plays a big part in whether or not I will return to a restaurant.

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  1. The food was soooo good. Even though the service wasn’t the best ever, I think I would go back because it was so delicious 🙂 I still have food sitting in my fridge waiting for me to eat it!

    So lovely you girls yesterday, we have to do dinner again soon! (hopefully pizza next time lol)
    Emily recently posted..Fashion Friday: Getting Aquatinted with the Old

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